Fri, Jul 21, 2017
Sat, Jul 22, 2017


Writing comedy from truth and anxiety is hard to do well, but for Joe List, working through what ailed him onstage has finally paid off. For a clinically anxious guy, List has a great ability to find humor in it.

“I went to a therapist because I kept having panic attacks. The therapist told me that a panic attack is a ‘fight or flight phenomenon.’ That’s when your body prepares to fight or flee from whatever you’re afraid of. But I get panic attacks when I’m talking to girls so it’s a little awkward. After the show some girl will be like ‘you were really funny tonight,’ and I’m like, “I might have to fight this bitch,” he jokes on his half-hour special on Comedy Central.

List has been doing stand-up for fifteen years, but it’s all come together over the last two years have been the best for him. He was a memorably funny semifinalist on this year’s Last Comic Standing, and now he’s making his Comedy Central half-hour debut. List co-hosts a weekly podcast with Mark Normand called Tuesdays with Stories; it’s become so popular that Sirius is giving the boys airtime to test out the show for their subscribers.

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