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Smokey Suarez is one of the top “urban” as well as "mainstream" standup comedians in America. To the audience he is a raw, authentic, uncensored comedic beast. With his raspy, weathered voice and incisive wit, Smokey Suarez is able to blend impeccable comedic timing, clever punchlines, and bold physical comedy into one completely sensational standup routine. To put it short, Smokey is a comedic heavyweight.

Born and raised in the gritty Harlem streets, Smokey evolved into an uncompromisingly bold standup comedian. Let it be known, few can match his skillful wordplay and comedic dexterity. Yet, his raw comedic ability never undermines his intelligence. Smokey’s comedy remains poignant, relevant, smart, along with being gut-bustingly funny.

And Hollywood has taken notice. His natural comical gifts on stage have caught the eye of the best in the entertainment industry. Smokey has been cast in starring roles for acclaimed Rocafella films, such as “Paper Sodiers”, “Death of The Dynasty”, and “State Property 2”.

He was also a comedic staple on BET’s Comic View, where he showcased his crowd-captivating standup comedy for 5 whole seasons. And his television credits don’t just stop there. Smokey has been a featured standup comedian for Russell Simmons Presents: Def Comedy Jam on HBO, P.Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy on HBO, Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes?” on TV One, and BET’s “One Mic Stand”. Smokey has also appeared in a sketch on Charlie Murphy’s Crash Comedy Sketch Show.

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