Employment - Telemarketers

The Joke Joint is always looking for smiling faces that want to work in a fun environment.

We are currently looking for part-time (30 hours per week, approximately) Telemarketers.

Our telemarketing staff helps us to promote shows at the Joke Joint. Over 20,000 people have opted into our program, so they're expecting your calls. You call to offer them passes to shows for their birthday or other times throughout the year, and you are rewarded with a bonus based on the number that come in for a show.

The most-successful promoters have a positive attitude and a pleasant speaking voice. This is a great job for someone seeking additional income in a fun environment. And as an employee, you get to see the shows with discounted prices.

We're scheduling interviews for Wednesday, September 12, starting at 10 am and continuing until 2:00. If you've received an e-mail, inviting you to interview for the position, please respond to that e-mail to set up an appointment, or to ask questions. Or send an e-mail to Mandy@jokejoint.net with the word TELEMARKETING in the subject line.

For other openings, call the club to schedule a time to fill out a job application, or fill one out right here:

Employment Application
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